Many people have never seen a picture of Colombia, and only know the netflix series about Pablo Escobar. Guide and photographer since 2015 in Colombia, I had the chance to travel the country dozens of times. This article aims to show you the beauty of this country and inspire your next trip.

Picture of Colombia n°1

Cartagena de Indias

And yes, we start with one of the emblems of Colombia, and especially the most visited place in the whole country. I named the unmissable Cartagena de Indias. It is one of the most beautiful colonial cities of the whole South American continent. 

imagenes colombia foto cartagenaPin
imagenes colombia foto cartagena

Picture of Colombia n°2

Tayrona Park

With its Seychelles air, Tayrona Park is another place to visit absolutely in Colombia.  This place is one of the most sacred for the indigenous communities of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and when you see its beauty, you understand why! This beach is well deserved, it will take you 2 hours of walking to get there.

parque tayrona cabo san juan magdalena colombiaPin
parque tayrona cabo san juan magdalena colombia

Picture of Colombia n°3

The Lost City

Colombia is first of all the legacy left by the great pre-Colombian civilizations, such as the famous Lost City. It is one of the most popular treks in the country, reserved for confirmed walkers. To reach it, do not count less than 3 days of walking. 

ciudad perdida lost city colombiaPin
ciudad perdida lost city colombia

Picture of Colombia n°4


Bird watching enthusiasts will be delighted, Colombia is the world’s leading country for its bird biodiversity. And the cradle is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. You will also find an incredible variety in the Andes and Amazon.

colombia imagenes fotosPin
colombia imagenes fotos

Picture of Colombia n°5


One of the strongest images associated with Colombia is of course the cultivation of coffee! And one of the best places to see (and taste) it is the coffee zone, spread out between the Quindio, Risaralda and Caldas. Here you can visit many coffee farms. Especially in Salento

colombia imagenes fotosPin
colombia imagenes fotos

Colombia Photo Tours

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Colombia Photo TourPin

Picture of Colombia n°6

Tatacoa Desert

Colombia is not only coffee, it is also its deserts, and here is one in particular: the Tatacoa Desert. It is the Grand Canyon of Colombia, in miniature version. If you go down to the south of the country, spend a night there to feel its magic.

Tatacoa Desert ColombiaPin
Tatacoa Desert Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°7

Cocoa Grower

Well, Colombia isn’t just coffee country, we already know that. It’s also the country of cocoa, and that, we say it less! Cocoa, unlike coffee, is an endemic plant used by indigenous people to make medicinal infusions.

Cocoa Farm Sierra Nevada De Santa MartaPin
Cocoa Farm Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta

Picture of Colombia n°8

The Palenqueras

The Palenqueras are undoubtedly the most representative of Colombia abroad. Arrived a few centuries ago in slave ships, they quickly became the symbol of the freedom of slaves in Colombia. You can admire them in the center of Cartagena, and for a few dollars you can take beautiful pictures in their company.

cartagena colombiaPin
cartagena colombia

Picture of Colombia n°9


Mompox is often called the “City where time stands still”. Lost in the confines of the Rio Magdalena, Mompox is indeed a haven of peace still spared from tourism.

Mompox ColombiaPin
Mompox Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°10

La Guajira

La Guajira, is one of the most beautiful regions of Colombia, and one of the richest in terms of resources and culture. This photo was taken at the beach known as Pilon de Azucar (Cabo de la Vela).

Guajira ColombiaPin
Guajira Colombia

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Picture of Colombia n°11

Tropical Forests

Visiting Colombia is meaningless if you only visit its big cities. It is also necessary to hike in the forest to be able to capture the “Magia Salvaje” that characterizes Colombia, such as this one in Tayrona Park.

parque tayrona bosque humedo magdalena colombiaPin
parque tayrona bosque humedo magdalena colombia

Picture of Colombia n°12

San Agustin

San Agustin is home to one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in all of Colombia. These statues were left as a legacy by a civilization that disappeared before the arrival of settlers. 

San Agustin ColombiaPin
San Agustin Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°13

Finca Barlovento

the Finca Barlovento is one of my favorites all over Colombia. A recommended stop on your trip, you will be able to reconnect with nature, and take beautiful pictures at sunset.

Barlovento ColombiaPin
Barlovento Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°14

Silvia Market

Silvia is the capital of several indigenous communities of Cauca, such as the Misaks, Nasa, Coconucos. In this market of Silvia you will be able to take some of the most beautiful and authentic pictures of Colombia.

Silvia Market ColombiaPin
Silvia Market Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°15


A few years ago Palomino was a fishing village. You will be able to stroll quietly on its beaches along the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and in particular to take magnificent photos of stars at night.

Photo Colombie : Palomino de nuitPin
Plage de Palomino la nuita

Picture of Colombia n°16

Guane & Barichara

Barichara and Guane are pieces of art in themselves, there is an unequalled tranquillity. You can stroll through the cobblestone streets, discover their handicrafts, eat big butt ants or hike in the Chicamocha Canyon. 

Guane ColombiaPin
Guane Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°17

Macuira Guajira

La Macuira Park is one of the most forgotten areas in Colombia. It shelters the magnificent Wayuu culture scattered on both sides of the Colombian La Macuira Park is one of the most forgotten areas in Colombia. It shelters the magnificent Wayuu culture scattered on both sides of the Colombian Guajira and the Venezuelan. Guajira and the Venezuelan. 

Macuira Desert Guajira ColombiaPin
Macuira Desert Guajira Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°18

Filandia & Salento

Colombia is also very colourful, and you can see it in the small villages of the coffee region such as Salento and Filandia. 

Filandia ColombiaPin
Filandia Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°19


A masterpiece, the salt cathedral of Zipaquira will leave you speechless. Built in this old salt mine, you will be able to take magnificent and unique photos. 

Zipaquira ColombiaPin
Zipaquira Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°20

La Casa Terra Cota

Casa Terra Cota is the largest terracotta work in the world, created by an architect as crazy as he is creative. It is a place to visit absolutely if you pass by Villa de Leyva. 

Casa Terra Cota Villa De LeyvaPin
Casa Terra Cota Villa De Leyva

Picture of Colombia n°21

Laeticia Amazonas

Heart of the world’s biodiversity, the Amazon is a region to visit absolutely if you have more than 15 days in Colombia. Magnificent sunsets and unforgettable forest walks.

Leticia Amazonas ColombiaPin
Leticia Amazonas Colombia

Picture of Colombia n°22

Graffitis of Bogota

Did you know that Bogota is one of the world capitals of Graffiti? The richness of this mural art has no limits in Colombia, as it draws its inspiration from its cultural and natural roots. 

Bogota ColomùbiaPin
Bogota Colomùbia

Picture of Colombia n°23

Cocora Valley

The Cocora Valley is the stronghold of one of Colombia’s emblems: the Palma de Cera. Sacred tree for the natives, it is today protected and you can observe it if you visit the coffee region. 

colombia imagenes fotosPin
colombia imagenes fotos

Picture of Colombia n°24

Kogis Indians

Colombia was inhabited by great pre-Colombian civilizations, such as the Muiscas, Chibchas, Emberas, to name but a few. Among them are the proud descendants of the Tayronas, who are the Kogi Indians of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

kogis sierra nevada santa marta colombiaPin
kogis sierra nevada santa marta colombia

Picture of Colombia n°25

Caño Cristales

Also called the river of the 5 colors, Caño Cristales is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. It can be visited from June to October, with small planes from Bogota or Villavicencio. 

colombia imagenes fotosPin
colombia imagenes fotos

Last Words

These photos give you an overview to prepare your trip to Colombia . Contact me if you want to make a photo trip to Colombia. I will take you to the most beautiful, unmissable but also the most remote places of the country. If you have any questions or remarks please let me know in the comments below!

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    Liked your portfolio and love for Colombia.

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      Yes I have more pictures of Frailejones, mostly taken around Popayan, in “El Paramo de las Papas”. Please check these 2 pages : Pictures of Purace and Pictures of Iguaque

  2. Muy bella es colombia me encantaria conocerla y a su bella gente

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      Ojala algun día, si es un país maravillos !

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