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JAN 2022








Why this photo tour

Many travelers discover the Caribbean coast of Colombia, but few have the chance to have an authentic experience in a traditional Kogui village. In this trip, you will have the chance to travel through territories closed to tourism for decades, and share authentic experiences in a Kogui community.


Photo opportunities


Hiking on ancestral Tayronas trails


Immersion & experience with Koguis families


Breathtaking sunrises


The chance to document traditional Koguis activities


A unique meeting with the Mamo, the village shaman


The epic landscapes and the view of the snow-covered Pic Colon and Bolivar

day by day

Detailed itinerary

Photo Tour Kogui Village


Santa Marta Kogui Village

Early departure from Santa Marta or Minca to a small settlement in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which will be our starting point Meeting with our Kogui guide. We’ll start the 2h30 trek to the indigenous village. Arrival to the village and meeting with our hosts. Installation of the hammocks and lunch. Visit of the village and local activities. Cooking with our hosts. Night and rest.

  • 1h45
  • Hammocs
  • 2h30
  • L,D
Photo Tour Kogui Village


Kogui Activities & Don Diego

This morning we will witness an epic sunrise with a magnificent view of the indigenous Kogui village. If we are lucky there will be a little bit of mist to give more atmosphere to our pictures. After a local Kogui breakfast, we will head to a refreshing bath at the river, and enjoy the waterfalls. Before lunch, we’ll discover more about the kogui’s way of life. In the late morning, we will head back to settlement for a desserved lunch. We go up then on the motorcycles in direction of the coast. Installation to the hotel and to finish this magnificent day, a sunset on a private secret beach.

  • B, L, D
  • Hotel in Don Diego
  • 3h
  • 1h30
camarones wayuu sff flamingos guajira colombia



We will start the day with a beautiful sunrise, wake up at 05:00 am. Then direction the breakfast, and we’ll head to Palomino for a 3h river activity : Tubbing ! From there we drive into Wayuu territory at Camarones, also home of a Flamingo Sanctuary where lagoons, rivers and the Caribbean all converge to create unique landscapes & habitat. This afternoon we meet a Wayuu family who will teach us about their culture. We will also have the great privilege to photograph one of their great ceremonial dances, called Yonna.

  • 1h45
  • Local Hotel
  • 2h30
  • B, L,D
Cabo de la Vela La Guajira Colombia


Camarones – Punta Gallinas

Wake to catch elegant pink flamingos at sunrise, with the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in background. With the beautiful morning light, we may also have a chance to photograph other endemic species such as the white-whiskered spinetail, Tocuyo sparrows, etc. When the light gets too harsh we’’ll have breakfast and departure head up to Uribia, the indigenous capital of the country. Short visit of the city. Lunch and head to Punta gallinas. And to finish this day in beauty, we will say goodbye to the sun accompanied by a wayuu model at the dunes of Taroa. Dinner and accommodation in chinchorros (traditional hammock) in a Wayuu ranch in Punta Gallinas.

  • 5h (Off Road)
  • Local Hotel
  • B, L,D
punta gallinas bahia hondita guajira colombia


Punta Gallinas – Cabo de la Vela

We’ll take advantage of the beautiful morning light to take some great photos at Sunrise. After breakfast we will then leave for the beach of Punta Aguja Beach. After a good lunch at the Luzmila ranch, we go up on our motor bikes in direction of Cabo de la Vela. We will quickly settle in at the hotel and then leave to visit the Wayuu Sugarloaf, known as the Pillar of Azucar to take some beautiful landscape and portrait photos.

  • 5h (Off Road – Sand)
  • Hammocks or room
  • B,L,D
Palomino Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta colombie


Cabo de la Vela – Manaure – Palomino

Departure from Cabo de la Vela after breakfast. On the road we will make a stop at the Manaure salt flats to meet our Wayuu model and make an atypical photo shooting. Back to civilization, we now return to Riohacha, then our hotel near Tayrona Park. Meals on the road. Short photo stop in Palomino,. We will take advantage of the beautiful golden hours to take new pictures and complete our magnificent travel album, around a good cocktail & Photo Discussions. Family dinner and a good night’s rest

  • 6h
  • Hotel in Palomino
  • B, L,D
Cabo San Juan Parque Tayrona Colombia


Palomino – Tayrona Park

Departure from the Palomino to Tayrona Park (we will leave our heavy suitcases at the entrance and take with us a small backpack for the day). Photography in the forest: wildlife, landscapes (average walking level, but hot and humid) Picnic at the beach at “La Piscina”. Arrival in Cabo San Juan Free time and swimming. Return to the entrance of the park (option by Horse with supplement) and head to our hotel for a gorgeous sunset

  • 1h30
  • Hotel Los Naranjos
  • 2h30
  • B, L,D
cienaga grande nueva venecia colombia


Nueva Venecia – Minca

This morning highlights another exclusive destination unknown to tourism, and only to the rare photographer. It’s so pristine in its authenticity we are hesitant to name it directly. Suffice to say it’s a fishing village on the water of a massive lagoon full of beautiful seabirds. We take a private boat first to the mangroves, then to the floating village to see the fisherman at work. Since this is a weekday and school will be in session we will also visit the kids in class which is adorable good fun. Afro inspired Palafitos follow. Back to the mainland where we will enjoy a good meal by the sea. Dn the afternoon, direction the mountains, destination Minca

  • 4h
  • Casas Viejas
  • 2h30
  • B, L,D
cerro kennedy sierra nevada de santa marta


Minca – Cerro Kennedy

Early morning finds us at one of the most awe inspiring sunrise panorama locations in South America. This area is home to some 365 tropical birds, and we will be joined by a local expert to seek out the most rare & colorful to photograph them. We will have this magical place all to ourselves – no tourists! Drive back to Marinka Waterfall where we’ll try some long exposures, and time permitting, we will stop at Colibri to photograph colorful hummingbirds. Awesome lunch on the Minca River, then free afternoon to chill in the swimming pool of Casas Viejas. 

  • 4h30
  • Casas Viajas
  • B, L


Selected hotels


Places we will visit


Included in the tour


  • French, English, Spanish speaking guide
  • Professionnal Photographer
  •  All breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  •  Accommodation in hotels or hammocks
  • Moto Honda 150 cc
  • Health Insurance SOAT

Not included

  • International Flight
  • Additional meals and drinks
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurances
  • Expenses not specified in the program
  • Tips


Prices & details


Usd /Person

  • Minimum deposit : 250 Usd
  • 5% discount on your next trip
  • 25 $ comission if you refer a friend
  • Guaranteed refund on D-15 in case of sanitary emergency


Sign in to your photo tour

I’d be pleased to hear from you, so if you have any questions about this photo tour, and would like to sign in, please send me a message.

Tristan Photographer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course ! Workshops are designed for all categories : from beginner to advanced. So if you are novice in photography I would recommend you a beginner photography workshop which is a very good place to start with.

These photo tours are designed by photographers, for photographers… As experts of the destinations, we have worked hard to select the corners that best reflect the light and moments.. Easy hikes, where the days are punctuated by many spontaneous breaks, the ideal way to connect with the elements that surround us and take the time to frame before pressing the shutter release.

It will mainly depend on the main topic of the day wether the focus is on people, landscape or wildlife. We will live to the rhythm of light and weather phenomena. Always ahead of time, from dusk to dawn, playing with relief, contrasts and shadows…

On landscape assignement a typical day will consist of taking advantage of the lights that are present at sunrise and sunset. Depending on the weather and other factors such as fatigue, we may stay a few hours in hotels to devote ourselves to photo post-processing.

Once you book a photo tour, we’ll give you a road book with detailed information including a packing list.  We’ll advise you on what are the best clothes to bring, what practical accessories you might need, and of course what photography gear we recommend. 

In general, we recommend an SLR camera, a range of lenses, and spare memory cards (or film) and batteries. For landscapes filters and tripods are recommended as well.  It helps to bring a computer with editing software. 

Anyway we’ll give you tailor-made information about the workshop you’re interested in.

Yes sure !. Obviously, there are thieves in every big city in the world, and anything can happen anywhere, but by being a little careful with your things and not being clueless, nothing should happen.


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