KF National Geographic BagPin
KF National Geographic BagPinPin

Regardless of which camera you have or whether you are a professional or amateur, a good camera bag is one of the essential purchases that you need to make.

After all, it is a companion that you will use every day and that according to its qualities will influence the way you take pictures.

In this article I will present you the K&F National Geographic backpack in all its aspects

Let’s dive in


First of all, I was really impressed by the shipment of this material. After ordering on the website, the equipment arrived in just 3 days at home in a perfectly packed package. There is a tracking platform that allows you to know where the backpack is in real time, and to follow each step of the shipment with complete confidence.

Carrying the bag

Often going on treks in Colombia, or long photo sessions in the cities, I attach great importance to the portability of the bag. After all, it’s what makes the difference at the end of the day, and your back will thank you!

KF National Geographic BagPin
K&F National Geographic Bag

The bag is very comfortable to carry, the straps are thick and well padded. The belt clips are made of a strong and durable plastic, which allows me to tighten the belt and carry 70% of the weight on the bag with my hips.

Protection of the equipment

The k&F Concept photo bag offers a set of wide dividers, so that the different accessories are very well protected from each other.

In terms of external protection, whether on the back or the front of the bag, the padding is more than sufficient, so they will withstand the shocks well.

KF National Geographic BagPin
K&F National Geographic Bag

Another detail that I really appreciated is that the bag comes with a rain cover directly included which is very practical when you live in the Colombian Andes and often have the 4 seasons in the same day. In addition, more impossible to forget it it has its small pocket dedicated with a fast access

KF National Geographic BagPin
KF National Geographic Bag

Last but not least, to access the camera compartments we must open the rear zippers, thus opening the part that would be on our back to take out the reflex camera, which gives a plus of security against possible theft your equipment from any theft attempt, perfect if you use it on public transport.

KF National Geographic BagPin
K&F Concept National Geographic Bag

To add an extra layer of protection, the bag has a rack that allows you to protect your gear if you ever need to open the bag in an uncomfortable position. It’s also very practical when you need to take your gear out in public places, it allows you to hide the gear and not attract too much attention from malevolent eyes.

To this you can also add that the zippers allow you to lock your bag, very practical when you travel and you leave your bag in the hotel room for example.

Quality of the material & Finitions

I am particularly pleased with the finish of the bag. The K&F Concept bag inspires quality and longevity.

The zippers seem to be unbreakable and the seams of the bag do not move, even if you have a lot of weight in the bag.

KF National Geographic BagPin
K&F National Geographic Bag

Likewise, the construction material is resistant and seems to repel splashes.. The outer fabric has a coating that gives it a slight protection against elements such as dust or dirt that do not cling, and the bag always remains clean.

The base of the backpack has a waterproof coating that protects it if placed on wet or damp surfaces.

KF National Geographic BagPin
K&F National Geographic Bag


The design remains sober and modern. I really like its color tones that blend in, without drawing too much attention to the fact that it’s a camera bag with precious equipment.


Small and compact, the bag measures 31*24*46 cm, about 23L which makes it a perfect travel companion. It is the perfect size to sneak into public transportation, fits perfectly in the cabin on planes, buses.

KF National Geographic BagPin
KF National Geographic Bag

And another detail that I really appreciate is that it easily fits in my motorcycle top case (with the K&F tripod), very convenient when riding my motorcycle on the roads of Colombia.

KF National Geographic BagPin
K&F National Geographic Bag

Storage capacity

The load capacity is one big plus : the interior space of the bag is perfect to cover almost any scenario

The compartments are joined through Velcro, being able to organize them as we wish, for better placement of camera, lenses, chargers, etc.

Basically the k&f Concept camera bag can Holds 2 DSLR cameras + 2 lenses + tripod +14 inch laptop and other photography accessories

KF National Geographic BagPin
K&F National Geographic Bag

The bag also has enough pockets to house all of the photographers additional accessories such as 13” laptop such as a macbook, cables, allowing you to shelter your entire photo workflow in one place

KF National Geographic BagPin
K&F National Geographic Bag

The bag has on its side a dedicated pocket and strap to carry the tripod which is very handy and was lacking in my previous backpack.


The access to the equipment is very easy. The zips are very smooth and you can take out your equipment very quickly.

Its large capacity allows it to house all our photo equipment, no need to make and unmake the bag after each use. As a result, the bag is always ready to go on the field.

Value for money

When it comes to price, the K&F National Geographic is unbeatable. While it is difficult to find quality photo bags in Colombia or that imported products are often overpriced given the exchange rate with the dollar, yet this bag manages to provide a very affordable price, while making no sacrifice on quality.

In general a bag of this quality is worth at least 3 times this price

Who is it for ?

The bag is equally suited to amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals. Its flexibility and the rearrangement of its interior spaces allows it to reach all types of photographers with all types of equipment.

Overall satisfaction

Camera bags are a vital part of my set up. Since I regularly go out in the field, I have experimented few different sized bags for various scenarios. and I can say that you can carry everything you want in this spacious backpack.

The K&F Concept 13.119 is functional, sturdy, has good finishes & material and stylish. In one word, it has nothing to envy to the higher end backpacks.

With its excellent value for money, you can buy this bag with your eyes closed, you will not be disappointed

Where to buy the K&F Concept National Geographic camera backpack ?

In Colombia you find the from 379.000 Cop directly on a specialized photo store in Medellin.

If you are a distributor and want to buy it in larger quantities, you PixelCamaras also has a dedicated offer with better prices

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