Jewels of North Colombia

This photo tour is organized in partnership with Nicolas Castermans

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DEC 2022








Pourquoi ce voyage photo


Faits Marquants

Opportunités Photos


Shooting Photo avec les Palenqueras, icônes de Colombie


Accès privilégié à un village du Kogi


Les couleurs de Carthagène, la perle des Caraïbes


Profitez de la danse Yona, une cérémonie traditionnelle wayuu.


The epic sceneries of La Guajira


Nueva Venecia, le village flottant

Au jour le jour

Itinéraire détaillé

cartagena colombia


Welcome to Colombia

Meet at the airport lobby, we will pick you up and transfer you to your hotel. (15min) Arrival at your colonial hotel, installation. First, we will start with a dinner to get acquainted. Nico & Tristan will hold a briefing with presentation of the trip.

  • 15 min
  • Hôtel Ananda
Cartagena Palenquera devant la statue de Botero Plaza Santo Domingo



This morning in legendary Cartagena will be one of those photographic experiences always remembered fondly. We hit the historical center streets while the tourists are still sleeping off the night before. Using beautiful colonial buildings as backgrounds, we’ll have an exclusive chance to photograph the grace and colorful elegance of the Palenquera ladies, icons of Colombia. Great opportunity to get as street creative as we possibly can! This morning will include old city street dancers, the famous Getsemani district with its great architecture & umbrella streets. Free time until 5pm when we meet for a Dinner at one of Cartagena’s best restaurants.

  • 1 h 30
  • B, L, D
  • Hôtel Ananda
minca mundo nuevo colombia


Minca, Coffee and indigenous Family

This morning drive 5h to Minca in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Tristan & Nico will accompany you to the Awindua project which began with the construction of Wiwa indigenous houses as found in their native villages. A truly unique experience and one of the highlights of our Colombia photography tour, this trip allows us to learn a lot. We’ll meet a Wiwa family and have VIP access to photograph the village, including a private environmental portrait session. If time allow we will head to coffee activities in the neighbour farm before getting back to Mundo Nuevo. Meet at the most beautiful viewpoint in the region for sunset landscapes. After dinner will be an optional night photography workshop.

  • B, L, D
  • Mundo Nuevo
  • 2h
cerro kennedy sierra nevada de santa marta

Jour 4

Cerro Kennedy, birdwatching & waterfalls

Early morning finds us at one of the most awe inspiring sunrise panorama locations in South America. This area is home to some 365 tropical birds, and we will be joined by a local expert to seek out the most rare & colorful to photograph them. We will have this magical place all to ourselves – no tourists! Drive back to Marinka Waterfall where we’ll try some long exposures, and time permitting, we will stop at Colibri to photograph colorful hummingbirds. Awesome lunch on the Rio Piedras, then onto truly stunning Barlovento. The hotel is located where river meets sea, with a high mountain background. It’s a remarkable location for a landscape photography workshop.

  • 4h30
  • B, L, D
  • Hotel in Los Naranjos
Cabo San Juan Parque Tayrona Colombie


Parc Tayrona

Departure from the Barlovento (we will leave our heavy suitcases and leave with a small backpack for 1 night). Photo session in the park with a naturalist guide, so as not to miss all the richness of the fauna. Photography in the forest: wildlife, landscapes (average walking level, but hot and humid) Picnic at the beach at “La Piscina”. Arrival in Cabo San Juan Free time and swimming. Search for monkeys in the forest and photo session 5pm Return to the beach & Golden Hour photo session

  • 15 min
  • B, L,D
  • 2 h
  • Camping in Cabo San Juan
Camarones La Guajira Colombia


Flamingo Park & Cardinal

We will start the day with a beautiful sunrise, wake up at 05:00 am. Then direction the breakfast and small time of relaxation and swimming to benefit from crystalline waters. Back to the entrance of the park. From there we drive into Wayuu territory at Camarones, also home of a Flamingo Sanctuary where lagoons, rivers and the Caribbean all converge to create unique landscapes & habitat.  This afternoon we will trt to catch elegant pink  flamingos at sunset . With the beautiful golden light, we may also have a chance to photograph other endemic species such as the white-whiskered spinetail, Tocuyo sparrows, etc.

  • B, L, D
  • 2 h
  • Local Hotel
punta gallinas bahia hondita guajira colombia


Punta Gallinas

Departure head up to Riohacha. from where we will get into our 4×4 towards Uribia, the indigenous capital of the country. Short visit of the city. Lunch and head to Punta gallinas. And to finish this day in beauty, we will say goodbye to the sun accompanied by a wayuu model at the dunes of Taroa. Dinner and accommodation in chinchorros (traditional hammock) in a Wayuu ranch in Punta Gallinas.

  • B, L,D
  • 5 h
  • Hammock or basic room
camarones wayuu sff flamingos guajira colombia


Yonna Ceremony & Cabo de la Vela

We’ll take advantage of the beautiful morning light to take some great photos at Sunrise where we will testimony Yonna Dance, a wayuu tradionnal ceremony organized in this fairy taile setting. After breakfast we will then leave for the beach of Punta Aguja Beach. Visit Wayuu School, where we will have the pleasure of doing some traditional activities and games with the children of the school. After a good lunch at the Luzmila ranch, and we will cross the bay by boat through its mangroves,  where our 4×4 will be waiting for us to return to Cabo de la Vela. We will quickly settle in at the hotel and then leave to visit a Wayuu handicraft center to discover this ancestral art and take some photographs. To continue the day well, we now leave in the direction of the Wayuu Sugarloaf, known as the Pillar of Azucar to take some beautiful landscape and portrait photos.

  • 5 h
  • B, L, D
  • 2 h
  • Hammocks or basic room
Cabo de la Vela La Guajira Colombia


Cabo de la Vela – Los Narnajos

Departure from Cabo de la Vela after breakfast. On the road we will make a stop at the Manaure salt flats to meet our Wayuu model and make an atypical photo shooting. Back to civilization, we now return to Riohacha, then our hotel near Tayrona Park. Meals on the road. Short photo stop in Palomino,. We will take advantage of the beautiful golden hours to take new pictures and complete our magnificent travel album, around a good cocktail & Photo Discussions. Family dinner and a good night’s rest.

  • B, L,D
  • 5 h
  • Villa María
Visite photo du village de Kogui


Indigenous Village

Today, departure by 4×4 towards a small settlement in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (400m), 1h15 drive. Early departure from Santa Marta or Minca to a small settlement in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, which will be our starting point Meeting with our Kogui guide and preparation of the mules. We’ll start the 2h30 trek to the indigenous village. Arrival to the village and meeting with our hosts. Installation of the hammocks and lunch. Visit of the village and photographic activities. Cooking with our hosts. Night and rest.

  • B, L,D
  • 1h15
  • 2 h
  • Hammocks in a Hut
kogi colombia sierra nevada de santa marta


Indigenous Village

A new replenishing sun will be offered to us this morning, with a breathtaking view on the whole valley and a new Kogi village. Last photography activity with the Kogis, documenting the Coca Leave harvest and the weaving of the traditional backpacks. It will already be time to say goodbye to the family. Hike 2h. Lunch in the settlement and Transfer back in 4×4, arriving to the hotel at around 4pm.

  • B, L,D
  • 1h30
  • Hotel Villa María
cienaga grande nueva venecia colombia


Nueva Venecia & Back to Cartagena

Nueva Venecia – Galerazamba – CTG

This morning highlights another exclusive destination unknown to tourism, and only to the rare photographer. It’s so pristine in its authenticity we are hesitant to name it directly. Suffice to say it’s a fishing village on the water of a massive lagoon full of beautiful seabirds. We take a private boat first to the mangroves, then to the floating village to see the fisherman at work. Since this is a weekday and school will be in session we will also visit the kids in class which is adorable good fun. Afro inspired Palafitos follow. In the afternoon, head to Cartagena for a farewell dinner in one of the best restaurants of the city

  • B, L,D
  • 5 h
  • 4h
  • Hôtel Ananda
imagenes colombia foto cartagena


Fin de l'aventure

Ne vous inquiétez pas, vous aurez le temps ce matin de faire passer le jus de la fête que vous avez peut-être un peu trop exubéré la nuit dernière ! Lorsque vous serez prêt, nous vous conduirons à l'aéroport international de Cartagena, à seulement 15 minutes. Croyez-nous quand nous vous disons - cet endroit va vous manquer ! Mais vous aurez beaucoup de bons souvenirs de votre voyage en Colombie et beaucoup de nouvelles photos à partager...

Free morning for shopping or Nico & Tristan will propose you an optional feedback / photo editing session

  • 15 minutes
  • B


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  • 2 Professional Photographers & Instructors
  •  Tous les petits-déjeuners, déjeuners et dîners.
  •  Hébergement dans des hôtels de premier choix
  • Transport dans des véhicules confortables

Non inclus

  • Vol international
  • Repas et boissons supplémentaires
  • Assurance annulation et assurance médicale
  • Dépenses non spécifiées dans le programme
  • Pourboires


Prix & détails


Usd /Personne

  • Supplément single : 603 Usd
  • Acompte minimum : 1500 Usd
  • 5% de réduction sur votre prochain voyage
  • 150 $ de réduction si vous parrainez un ami
  • Remboursement garanti à J-15 en cas d'urgence sanitaire


Your Instructors



Nicolas Castermans

Nicolas is a mountain & photography lover. He’s always looking for the most astounding places for trekking, or for interesting and unplanned encounters with random people around the world. Nicolas is a recent finalist in the “2020 & 2021 Travel Photographer of the year awards”.

Tristan Photographe

Tristan Quevilly

Tristan has been living and traveling in South America for since 2003. Tour Leader and photographer he loves to share his passion with you. He runs photography tours in Cuba, Colombia, Panama with a very personal approach. 

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Bien sûr ! Les ateliers sont conçus pour toutes les catégories : du débutant au confirmé. Ainsi, si vous êtes novice en photographie, je vous recommande un atelier de photographie pour débutants, qui est un très bon point de départ.

Ces circuits photo sont conçus par des photographes, pour des photographes... En tant qu'experts des destinations, nous avons travaillé dur pour sélectionner les coins qui reflètent le mieux la lumière et les moments... Des randonnées faciles, où les journées sont ponctuées de nombreuses pauses spontanées, le moyen idéal pour se connecter avec les éléments qui nous entourent et prendre le temps de cadrer avant d'appuyer sur le déclencheur.

Cela dépendra principalement du thème principal de la journée, qu'il s'agisse des personnes, des paysages ou de la faune. Nous vivrons au rythme de la lumière et des phénomènes météorologiques. Toujours en avance, du crépuscule à l'aube, en jouant avec les reliefs, les contrastes et les ombres...

En session photo de paysage, une journée typique consistera à profiter des lumières présentes au lever et au coucher du soleil. En fonction de la météo et d'autres facteurs tels que la fatigue, nous pouvons rester quelques heures dans les hôtels pour nous consacrer au post-traitement des photos.

Une fois que vous aurez réservé un circuit photo, nous vous remettrons un carnet de route contenant des informations détaillées, notamment une liste de colisage.  Nous vous conseillerons sur les meilleurs vêtements à emporter, les accessoires pratiques dont vous pourriez avoir besoin et, bien sûr, le matériel photographique que nous vous recommandons. 

En général, nous recommandons un appareil photo reflex, une combinaison d'objectifs, des cartes mémoire (ou des films) et des batteries de rechange. Pour les paysages, des filtres et des trépieds sont également recommandés.  Il est utile d'apporter un ordinateur avec un logiciel d'édition. 

Dans tous les cas, nous vous donnerons un roadbook complet du voyages 1 mois avant le départ.

Contrairement à bien d'idées préconçues, la Colombie est plus sûres que bien des pays ! Ceci dit, dans toutes les grandes villes du monde il peu y avoir des voleurs. En respectant quelques règles de voyages basiques, et en faisant un peu attention à ses affaires tout se passera à merveilles


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